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Simon Casey Ph.D, LADC, MAC
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Lifetime trauma, as well as violence, is capable of imposing a significant mental health consequence on anyone. Although the symptoms will decrease or increase depending on the ability of the individual to get access to heal from trauma, safety, and pursue life goals. Furthermore, living with addiction or mental health conditions will increase the risk of experiencing abuse in the near future. Also, being exposed to an ongoing abuse can exacerbate the symptoms and as well affect the recovery.

Dr. Simon Casey provides constant ongoing support, consultation and training to advocate substance abuse providers and mental health, policymakers and legal professionals. We work to improve system level, and agency responses to survivors and their family - our works are rooted and defined in the principle of social justice.

Dr. Simon Casey and the entire team on board work towards one most crucial mission: to improve the well-being and condition of every client. Every single person wants a loving relationship, safe home, good health, close friends and to get to do something meaningful every day; our purpose is to help you succeed.

We continuously focus on our commitment to empowerment, self-determination, resilience, and recovery. This ensures we are more responsive to the wants and needs of our clients as well as that of their family and further continuously challenge ourselves try to change the part of our clients that they don’t want: philosophy, culture, values as well as embracing the concept of resilience and recovery. We continually endeavor to match and surpass our client’s needs by improving our program coordination and effectiveness.

Dr. Simon Casey has been very successful in providing behavioral and mental health consultation, training and support for individuals, private and public firms for the past ten years. We believe healthcare companies should build long-lasting and strong relationships with their clients as well as their family, so we never stop improving ourselves. We are certain we will find a perfect match between your needs and our resources, so feel free to reach out to us at any time.

We recognize that there is always a need to adjust our service and we are very sensitive to the changing of the landscape of each facility. Our responsiveness and adaptability to the evolving mental healthcare industry made us to continuously be one of the best and leading mental health care agencies.


Dr. Simon Casey envisions and works to establish and constantly improve a public mental and behavioral system that is responsive, flexible and meet the wants and needs of the people it serves. Our system has the ability to access the proper service at any point in any system, which are crucial to individualized, responsive and coordinated mental health care that is primarily focused on recovery and wellness.

We believe that everyone with mental and behavioral problems deserves the duty and right to:

  • Choose from a wide range of services, locations, and providers;
  • Live in the least restrictive environment feasible;
  • Be treated fairly and equitably;
  • Be accountable for following the agreed treatment plan;
  • Be free of discrimination that may be caused by their disability;
  • Hold the most comprehensive possible control over their lives;
  • Be actively committed in decision-making regarding their care;
  • Receive culturally sensitive and diverse services;
  • Contribute their opinion to the Behavioral Health System during the planning process; and,
  • Contribute their part to the Behavioral Health System regarding outcomes and satisfaction.

To book an appointment or discuss your problem with Dr. Simon Casey, click here or use the contact us option (button) at the bottom of this page. We can’t wait to work with you!


Mark S. Wagner MD. FACEP

Dr.Wagner finished his degrees in Biology and Chemistry in UC Irvine and graduated from UCLA school of medicine. He has practiced Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Family and General Practice of Medicine over 27 years. During that time, treated many patients who’s suffered from toxic drug reactions as well as the managed variety of detoxification’s protocols. He was frequently consulted on complicated cases such as cardiac,renal,neurological conditions. He has been affiliated with inpatient and outpatient Drug Detoxification programs in Long Beach, South Bay, Lakewood and Newport Beach. He consulted for large PPO/HMO Health Plan companies to develop effective health care. Currently he is the medical director of 1 Care Health Center

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Simon Casey, PhD, LDAC, MAC


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