Chemical Dependencies and Addictions


Feeling lost, frustrated and confused. Do you feel like a failure? Seems like you tried everything but you just can’t seem to stop from relapsing. The consequences of your drug use mounting and the life is becoming more and more unmanageable. Sometimes you even feel like not living anymore. We understand what you are going through. You are not alone.

By definition, alcoholism and drug dependency has nothing to do with what kind of substances the person use or frequency and how they are used. It is to do with consequences. Another words, if you are drinking or using drugs and experiencing negative consequences and dispute the negative consequences, if you are continuing the behavior, you are chemically dependent.

Some of the symptoms of chemical dependency:

  1. preoccupation with the drug of choice
  2. loss of control
  3. mood swings
  4. denial
  5. depression &anxiety
  6. domestic violence

Treatment of chemical dependency requires comprehensive approach to be effective and the person who is providing the treatment must be a qualified professional in order to deal with the complex nature of the illness.

Your decision must to be based around if your treatment needs can be met not what is convenient or financially least expensive.. I strongly believe in personalized, comprehensive, targeted treatment that will meet the clients’ for long term recovery needs and success. In most cases, drug addiction may mask existing mental health problems, emotional disorders as well as different personality types. This creates a condition called co-occurring disorders. Hence, treating just the addiction will not bring about the desired outcome. Due to ineffective treatment, a high percentage of people relapse or fail miserably and become more disinterested in getting well.

Are you sick and tired of juggling two or more illnesses and not able to have some sense of normalcy? You tried self medicating your mental illness with drugs and alcohol which initially seemed to be the answer to your problems but not realizing that you not only postponed the inevitable but, also made your situation worse. May be its time for you to seek professional help and choose a facility that will meet all of your dependency and mental health needs. We helped many people who felt the same way like you do. Together, we can help you stop the pain and suffering and future negative consequences.