Emotion and Feelings Test

The following test is to judge how your past emotions have been affecting you.

The questions are referring to how often you feel the following situations, and are based upon the following score system.


Rarely = 1
Occasionally = 2
Occasionally = 2
Often = 3
Most of the Time = 4
Almost Always = 5

Please use the scoring system to tally up your score at the end of the test, and add it to the score field below.

    1. I don't like making decisions*

    2. I feel guilty*

    3. I regret my actions or comments*

    4. I project or worry*

    5. I feel resentment or hold grudges*

    6. I feel uncomfortable with myself*

    7. I fear admitting or making mistakes and accepting criticism*

    8. What others think is important to me*

    9. My problems feel repetitive*

    10. I bottle up my feelings*