Counseling & Distant Counseling

if you are reading this page, more than likely you have the courage to conquer your problem. You know better than anyone how your situation has affected you and your life. Maybe it has been a while you felt like yourself, increasingly feeling overwhelmed, numb, and very sad at times. It is not because you are hanging in the past its’ those feelings you have not resolved won’t let you be free.

Learn tools to handle emotions and problems

“If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day
But if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life”

Our focus will be not on the symptoms but on the core problem. Emotional Mastery process will give you the skills to be the master of your own life. If your relationship is progressively becoming difficult to be in, here is my philosophy; First the self, then the possibility of having a relationship with others because, relationship is merely the extension of who you are. You could be miserable or happy, but the amount of the work is the same.

If you don’t make the phone call who would?

Distance therapy,

Unlike traditional therapy, does not have in-person interaction during treatment. It has evolved as the practice of therapy enters the digital age. Therapists may offer different forms of distance therapy to reach more people in many locations. Distance therapy is often conducted online or on the phone. Other terms for distance therapy include distance counseling, teletherapy, phone therapy, or internet therapy.

Why Choose Distance Therapy?

Distance therapist can provide services via phone, video or email. They may guide people through challenges using different types of communication technology. Healthcare professionals might offer distance therapy as the main way to communicate with people who are seeking therapy. Some prefer this type of counseling because they get the benefit of counseling in their own homes or while travelling.