Dual Diagnosis & Co-occurring Disorders

Dual diagnosis refers to the presence of both mental health disorders and chemical dependency. Disorders such as, depression, anxiety and bipolar combined with alcoholism and drug addiction will create this dilemma. Often a mental health condition occurs first, however most people try to SELF MEDICATE with drugs and alcohol to stabilize their condition not realizing that this may lead to chemical dependency.

Dual diagnosis can be difficult to identify, since the symptoms of one of the disorders often mimics the symptoms of another disorder. Improper diagnosis and not knowing how to treat duel diagnostic individuals leads to a poor outcome. And for this very reason, many people do not receive the kind of help that will put them on the right tract. Desperate and confused, people look for answers in books, rehab programs, and A.A meetings not understanding why their life is spiraling out of control.
Most people can achieve full recovery only when all of the co-occurring disorders are identified and treated simultaneously. Treating only one condition will not eliminate the other and hence, the individual will suffer. In most cases the individual will require extensive psychiatric evaluation with proper medication management which will be provided by our associate psychiatrist. Our team approach will examine the core problems, emotional difficulties, addiction issues, coping skills, mistaken beliefs, and trauma resolution.

“we treat the whole person not the symptoms”

You can put an end to your suffering and break free from the torture of your disorders that are hindering your life and happiness. We can help.