Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders afflict many people and is often a sign of an underlying problem. Even though food is the catalyst when it comes to chronic dieting, use of diuretics and diet pills, is a disturbance in an eating behavior such as binging, purging, starving, calorie restriction, or a preoccupation with body weight/shape are all related to an eating disorder condition.

Important Fact: Unfortunately, eating disorders often occur with other mental health conditions such as, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and drug addiction. Hence, treating one disorder will not eliminate the other conditions. We specialize in treatment of eating disorders with co-occurring conditions simultaneously for a long term recovery.

Therefore it’s not so much “what you are eating, it is what’s eating you”.

While the person desperately tries to control their food intake/body weight, what they don’t realize is that they are controlled by the very thing which constantly keeps them out of control. As the disorder progresses, they get caught in their shame and guilt cycle which gradually leads to self hatred and self destruction. Secrets, lies, self-defeating behaviors and a false sense of control torments the individual. However, you must know that eating disorders are a treatable illness, despite the fact that many suffer due to not seeking help.


Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are both serious eating disorders. They are psychiatric illnesses that effect more than five million Americans and that’s both men and women. If this figure doesn’t startle you, then listen to this. Some of these five million people will die from the physical problems resulting from the conditions. Eating disorders aren’t limited to the extremes of anorexia and bulimia. They also include binge eating and dangerous fad dieting. In a culture where thin is in, nearly every American woman, man and child, has suffered at one time or another from issues of weight, body shape, and self-image.

Have you ever tried to change someone’s mind whom they think they are fat even though their body is proportionate? Distorted body image is one of the main symptoms eating disorders and it defies logic since it’s purely evolved around ones mistaken beliefs. Since our repetitious behaviors primarily comes from our subconscious, trying to correct this with conscious work, often does not achieve the desired outcome. This is why talk therapy alone fails the individual. I utilize the very powerful ” PSYCH-K Method”.

In order to modify those self defeating beliefs which reside in one’s subconscious mind. This unique and very powerful method often transforms the individual from a state of confusion, hopelessness, to self awareness, and positive self discovery. Over the years, Simon Casey established a unique approach to get to the core of this illness by emphasizing two major road blocks to recovery which are, emotional confusion and mistaken beliefs.