Medical Detoxification

Detoxification from alcohol and drugs can be very difficult and sometimes painful experience. Withdrawal is a very serious physiological and psychological process characterized by extreme discomfort and pain, sweats, muscle cramping, shakes, diarrhea, anger, sleeplessness, mood swings and in the hands of an unqualified person it could even be fatal. Medical Detoxification does not have to be costly and risky. At our outpatient treatment center, we provide various treatment options that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. We have remarkable success with many clients treated. Our professional staff with many years of experience will help you get your life back and live a drug free life.


What is Medically Supervised Detoxification Program? Depending on the type of detoxification each client will receive treatment anywhere from 6 to 15 days, in some cases could be even longer. The variety of detox medications will be provided by the physician after the initial evaluation in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Our outpatient procedure uses sedatives rather than anesthesia. Because general anesthesia is avoided, the detox is much less dangerous and has very few side effects. The vital signs of the patient is monitored regularly and in some cases, additional medications are provider to stabilize heart and blood pressure and avoid possible seizures. We provide 2 different plans.

Plan 1.
This is an outpatient detoxification program. Day one the client will receive complete history and physical as well as lab work by our our associate physician in our outpatient treatment center. Clients will follow the given daily detox protocol under a physician’s supervision. Since client safety and comfort is our primary concern, the length of each detox will be determined based upon the patients response to the treatment.

Plan 2.
Those clients require more supervision and medical attention, will be placed to a temporary detox center for initial stabilization for few day and than will finish their detoxification in our outpatient center.